Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ordinary People and Money

At the books-on-sale cart at the library, the book Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth caught my eye. I paid two dollars for it, and after reading it, I'm glad I didn't pay full-price.

Pretty much its basic message is to save money and when you invest in stocks, etc., not to move it around. 

The contributors were overwhelmingly scientists and federal government workers from Maryland, Virginia, D.C., etc. Not exactly a representative sample! Federal Employee Retirement System, anyone? 

The part that made me most curious was that one person said they canceled their garbage pick-up to save money. Now... how are you getting rid of your garbage?

I will be donating this book to the local thrift shop. (Now there is one way to get rid of your unwanted items... But canceling garbage pick-up....?)


Marie said...

I guess I can scribble that one off my reading list!
LOL That is so funny!!! It won't save money in the long run when you have to hire pest control to eliminate the rats that are surrounding your garbage that you didn't throw away.... What year was that book written, may I ask?


creativesundries said...

Marie, you're right... yikes! The copyright was 2001. :-)