Wednesday, June 17, 2009



I had a bewitching dream last night... that I met Elizabeth Montgomery, star of Bewitched, one of the best shows of all time. In the dream, I was at some party and she was there, and I went up to her and was gushing like crazy (which is sooooo unlike me, hahaha!) and I was like, you are the best! I loved you in Bewitched!! And I asked if I could have her autograph. 

She gave me not only an autograph, but wrote a two-page letter--it was about a magic spell and the effects it had on somebody she used it on. The cool thing was, the letter was written in shiny metallic purple ink that faded away, then immediately came back. I was freaking OUT! I couldn't believe I 1) Met Samantha Stevens, and 2) she wrote me this really cool letter with disappearing-reappearing metallic purple ink!!!!

My favorite Spanish word for the day is "ulular" -- to hoot! 


Bri said...

That's my new favorite spanish word of the day too! Awesome. thanks for sharing.

I wish I had disappearing purple glitter ink.

creativesundries said...

he, he! Me, too! :-)