Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thumbs up, Thumbs Down

Time for Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down!

Thumbs Down!
-My across-the-street neighbor whose idea of walking her dog is putting him on a leash and walking him down the driveway! It makes me really mad!
-Copying another crafter's work and/or photograph style. Not having the same idea at the same time--really copying someone's style (French dictionary circles, anyone?)... Not cool... Ultimately, it is sad for the copiers, who have no creativity!
-That the Bush administration/CIA would even think "waterboarding" (Google it; it's horrendous) is okay to use on anyone--suspected terrorist or not. Anyone who would devise such a technique is really sick. And to call torture techniques "enhanced interrogation." To me, the real terrorists in the world are those who abuse children. 

Now the good part: 

Thumbs Up!
-OBAMA! Need I say more? 
-Poetry slam on Tuesday: I was chosen (randomly) to be a judge! I even gave a 10.0--Mike M's poem (I'll have to see if there is a link to these spoken word artists) about all the places he's lived. 
-Lilacs coming out!

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