Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Altering Board Books

I am working on making a few altered board books, "just" for myself--don't you like how we (well, at least
I) say that something is "just" for you... like making something for yourself is somehow less than making something to sell, or making something for someone else? No! It's awesome to make stuff by and for your own sweet self!

So I bought a few board books (small books, usually for children, that can usually fit in your hand, whose pages are made with chipboard aka Bristol board, I think some call it, maybe in England, although I could be making that up) at a used book store. The price was right: just about a dollar each.

I had learned that in order to alter them, you needed to distress the surface. So I scrubbed each one with a dry brillo pad. It took away some of the shininess, but left it still smooth.

I love Lumiere paints, especially Halo Pink Gold (shown here). I covered a few page "spreads" one at a time with the paint. The surface of the board books was still really smooth, though, almost too smooth. The paint just glided on instead of really sinking in. When dry, the paint was adhered, but a lot of brush strokes showed, and the background of the actual book still showed. With another coat of Lumiere paint, this still happened.

I tore up a bit of the shiny surface of one page of the book--that is shown in the bottom corner of this photo:

This left a craggy cardboard surface that had a "tooth" to it--it seemed to grip the paint instead of letting it slide all over. But, that part of the page is thinner, now. Also it's pretty smooth, but not as sleek as I'd like it. Hmm. Will keep experimenting and post back! (Anyone have any suggestions for preparing a board book to "take" paint and other media? Comments welcome!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

My lunch is pretty!

Isn't this lunch pretty? It is just simple peanut butter and jelly, and I plunked down the vegetables I had around, which were baby carrots, grape tomatoes and organic greens. It looked so bright and inviting, I had to take a picture. Look at me all Better-Homes-and-Gardens!! lol

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thumbs up, Thumbs Down

Time for Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down!

Thumbs Down!
-My across-the-street neighbor whose idea of walking her dog is putting him on a leash and walking him down the driveway! It makes me really mad!
-Copying another crafter's work and/or photograph style. Not having the same idea at the same time--really copying someone's style (French dictionary circles, anyone?)... Not cool... Ultimately, it is sad for the copiers, who have no creativity!
-That the Bush administration/CIA would even think "waterboarding" (Google it; it's horrendous) is okay to use on anyone--suspected terrorist or not. Anyone who would devise such a technique is really sick. And to call torture techniques "enhanced interrogation." To me, the real terrorists in the world are those who abuse children. 

Now the good part: 

Thumbs Up!
-OBAMA! Need I say more? 
-Poetry slam on Tuesday: I was chosen (randomly) to be a judge! I even gave a 10.0--Mike M's poem (I'll have to see if there is a link to these spoken word artists) about all the places he's lived. 
-Lilacs coming out!