Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cute Find: Mini Book by StoryBookProductions

Awww! I love this cute mini book, handmade by StoryBookProductions.
Just as cute are Lisa's Top Ten uses for it:

Lisa's TOP TEN uses for a mini book:

10. Autograph book at Disney (skip the souvenir version)
9. Fill it with inspirational quotes
8. Swap school pictures (yeah, I mean the kids)7. Take notes at boring meetings in style
6. Geese a laying (oops wrong song)
5. Make fifteen mini collages
4. Keep your favorite drink recipes handy
3. Your own gen-yoo-wine Harriet the Spy notebook
2. Bitty Brag Book
1. Write a very short story

I have a thing for journals and paper goods, especially, of course, handmade ones.StoryBookProductions has many beautifully made journals and paper goods as well. Her eleven-year-old daughter Claire has her very own section of the shop, featuring sweet needlefelted animals like this snowy owl!

Thanks, Lisa and Claire, for letting me use your pictures. Your shop rocks!

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ButterCup said...

very cute!
BTW, I love your profile pic! So cute.