Friday, January 23, 2009

Supposed to be a Coptic Stitch Journal

This is an experiment I was doing, making a coptic stitch journal. It was working out all right--except I sewed each "signature" (set of pages) to the next signature, step-like, instead of sewing them in a line to form the spine of the book. Ooooops! I'm still learning. Always! :-)

The title of this post reminds me of a Monk episode where he is investigating a murder that happened onstage during Sharona's sister's play performance. "It's funny about that phrase, 'supposed to be.' A man can't count on 'supposed to be' the way he used to." (Something like that.) That line just stuck in my head, for some reason. That was an awesome episode, and I had noooo idea how the murder took place. Of course, I won't reveal the punch line of the show, because who in their right mind would do that? 

I love Monk. You can watch it at I'm not affiliated, but it sure would be convenient to be affiliated since I am promoting it here, heh. 

Sharona vs. Natalie (Monk's assistants): I like them both, almost equally. I liked Sharona just a teeny bit more. But just a teeny bit. Both are smart, independent, compassionate, caring, and not afraid to call Adrian on things he pulls.

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Danger Kitty Designs said...

I like Natalie better. Maybe it's because I only ever catch the show in reruns, and she was probably the first assistant I "met."

You're going to love coptic stitch once you get it down. It's so much fun. I think the stitch you did is actually Japanese binding or something along those lines. It's something I've been wanting to try too.