Monday, January 19, 2009

I am totally crocheting!

Yesterday, I took an
amigurumi class with the lovely fuzfrenzy, aka my friend Jennifer, aka the Most Patient Person on the Planet!

I came in with minimal crochet experience. My mom crochets, and taught me some stuff a few days before I took the class. So I can totally rock the chain stitch now! If only there was something cool to make with a really long single stitch. Maybe, a really long 1 cm. wide scarf is the new cowl? 

I think what is tricky about crochet is actually seeing what I'm doing. You're supposed to insert the needle in the "next stitch" or "next hole" (are those the same thing? lol) and I'm like, which is the next one? I'm looking at 80,000 stitches! How are you supposed to tell them apart?

Here is the beginning of the amigurumi
owl I am making, using fuzfrenzy's pattern. I will post my progress here for all to see! :-)


fuzfrenzy said...

Soon you'll be to the point where you can't stop crocheting. I can't wait to crochet with you again!

creativesundries said...

I can't wait, either!!!!! CooL! :-)