Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Etsy share--Go Flo Jo (The Remix) Converse + Crochet, by BrklynMoMos

Go Flo Jo (The Remix) Converses

Brooklyn in the house! (Have always wanted to say that!)

I love these! 

BklynMoMos--Ramona is the Brooklyn-based designer of these cool shoes--Pink Converse, customized by BklynMoMos with blue and pink crochet! 

Ramona explains that they are "my homage to Florence 'Flo Jo' Griffith-Joyner. I remember she used to wear these rock star like outfits when she ran. Couldn't you see her wearing these? That is if you could actually run in Chucks!"

I also definitely have my eye on this skirt

Be sure to check out BklynMoMos' online shop

Thanks to Ramona for letting me use her pics! :-)


Autonomous Artisans said...

Those are so fabulous!

Black Rose said...

Thanks for the follow and lovely comment! Happy New Year! Love these - I remember Flo Jo for her really long decorative nails!