Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dig Deep and Help American Express

Dig Deep and Help American Express

Nobody is feeling the squeeze of the economy like the gigantic corporations. Think of the big cats at these huge companies--how will they afford their third and fourth vacation home, if the federal government doesn't bail them out? Imagine, for a moment, being forced to live on only 15 million dollars per year. It almost brings a tear to the eye when you think about it. But thousands of CEOs and VPs in this country face this very situation, as we speak.

It is for this reason that I am asking you to reach down in your hearts, and your wallets, and donate to American Express. They are standing in the wings, waiting for a government bailout. If we rally together as a community, they won't need to ask for it--and your tax dollars can go, not to education or health care for everyone (yes,
everyone)--but to help the next corporation willing to send jobs overseas and cut down on quality to help their bottom line.

No amount is too much. Just think of all the times American Express has reached out to Americans, month after month, for years. Remember the times you've held their touching "Thinking of you" letters, and cried as you realize how much they care. People, it is time to give back.

Companies like American Express helped make America what it is today. Think about it, people. They deserve only the best. Dig deep if you have to. It's time to give back.

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