Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vote! Vote! Vote!

ONE WEEK 'TIL ELECTION DAY! (Yes, I'm shouting, because I'M EXCITED!) 

I will be making calls for Obama this week, to hopefully motivate people to get out and vote. 

My question is: how do you convince people it's important in light of the electoral college (er, dare I say 2000)? In the electoral college system, as we know from the embarrassing 2000 election, the electoral vote (by the privileged few, and how are these people chosen, anyway?) and popular vote (i.e., the votes of individual Americans) don't have to line up. It's an insane system, and as much as people talk about changing education, reforming health care--why don't we hear about re-evaluating this archaic voting tradition? So, it seems that an individual's vote doesn't count--but it really does, right? 

One response to this rationale that I love, and have to remember when I get discouraged about the actual importance of voting, is that given by Michael Moore in the commentary on the Roger and Me DVD. Moore makes the case that, basically, you can say that voting doesn't count--but do you really want to go down that road? What follows, in that frame of mind? We shouldn't vote?? And what then....?

Comments on voter motivation welcome!! 


Danger Kitty Designs said...

My take is that your vote still counts. The electoral college still requires a majority, and you'd hate for the majority to sway in the direction you don't want it to go if you don't vote. Besides, we aren't just voting for president on Tuesday. There are lots of other offices up for election, and it's just as important to vote for those.

jessica said...

Your vote still counts! Did you see the episode of The Daily Show with the undecided voters? Hilarious. "The candidates are completely different!! Why can't you make up your mind?!?!?!" I don't understand the undecided, either.