Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy News for Cozy Corset Cuff!

Very good news for the Cozy Corset Cuff girls, Jenna and Chelsey: Cozy corset cuffs are now available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area at LocalDish! They've also been accepted into LolliShops! These are two very imaginative and crafty gals and I know their success will only grow from here! Congratulations!

More cool news: I will be sharing a booth with the lovely Jess of Milton and Margies, at the Handmaiden Mpls./i like you's Rocktober craft show, October 12, at the Uptown VFW! Yay!

Also, I got my wool roving from CedarWool, yay! I got the bird's nest pack, which has a bunch of different colors of roving that Leslie suggests putting out in bits in your yard to see which ones get incorporated into a bird's nest (I'll mainly be using it for needlefelting, but I might do that as well!), and red and orange. I now have all the rainbow colors, minus light green. 

I am finding it sooo tricky to make an animal's body shape--a barrel-type shape. I tend to do the felting pretty intensely, and I end up flattening everything! But I think the shape that usually results when I try to make a hedgehog actually looks a lot like a turtle, so I will probably end up making some little turtles!


Danger Kitty Designs said...

You're such a sweetie, Sarah! Thanks for the mention. Good luck at Handmaidens--I will try to stop by if I'm not working!

Artistic Edition said...

Sarah you are such a sweetheart, thanks mentioning The Cozy Corset Cuff. I'm totally going to try to come to your Handmaiden's show! I'll see you soon chica. :)

jessica said...

Yay for booth buddies! And that's awesome about the Cozy Corset Cuff!

Anonymous said...

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