Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Bunny

Okay, it's Bigfoot-esque, but this photograph shows the little baby bunny who has been visiting me!

He's so cute! 

Speaking of Bigfoot reminds me of how much I love Bigfoot lore, and how much I love these now-legendary Bigfoot and Abominable Snowman magnets from PearsonMaron


They are hand-painted and kiln-fired. I love how they are in the classic Bigfoot on-the-move pose. I totally heart them!!

Thanks, Adam and Quincy, for letting me use your photos! :-)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Love this Etsy shop!

Set of 4 Magnets - Altered Bottle Caps - Victorian Flowers and Butterflies    Bamboo Domino Pendant - Vibrant Orange Daisy   Altered Collaged Bottle Cap Necklace - BELIEVE - Tiny Faerie  Bamboo Domino Necklace - Gorgeous Dark Red Butterfly

Hello, friends! 

I'd like to introduce you to my new Etsy friend, Angela, aka RetroGirl66, and a fantastic life-project-goal she and her husband are working for. 

They are going to adopt! (Cheers and applause--congratulations!!!)

Angela and her husband are planning to adopt a baby girl from China. 

Do you know that to wait for the Chinese government for the referral of a child in need of adoption takes 2 to 2.5 years? That's a long wait, but I hope it will be sooner for this family. She says, "We're dying to become parents and begin our family." Isn't that sweet??

Support the (ahem, costly) adoption process by stopping by her shop, Creative Joose, aka RetoGirl66. 

Find Retrogirl at: - my main blog -- my art/crafts blog -- my photography 

"Summer Is" Mini Chipboard album    Summer Mini Chipboard album  Pg 1-2

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barack This Site

I don't love Obama. I loved/still do love Hilary. But I do love this site:

Check it out! It's so sweet and cute it made me (truly) lol.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Featured Artist: Regal Beads

I have a soft spot for all things Canadian. My latest Canadian "discovery" is a wonderful Etsy shop I want to tell you about: RegalBeads. Kim hails from Thunder Bay, not far from Minnesota's Grand Marais and a very lovely place.

Kim has immense patience: Look at the gorgeous bracelets she weaves from thousands of tiny little seed beads! (Those pesky beads roll everywhere, as you might well know!) She also uses fire-polished crystals.

Kim says, "have loved doing crafts for most of my life (in fact, my dad loves to tell an embarrassing childhood story on me about this passion ;))
Both of my parents are quite creative, and passed this down to me!  I started beading over five years ago and took to it like a fish to water.  I love the feel of the beads in my hands, the challenge of a new pattern, and the joy of a completed piece!"

Kim is a member of Etsy Beadweaver Street Team and I love her generous spirit and readiness to promote her teammates' shops: She says, "If you are wanting a style that I might not make, but know you have seen made with seed beads-CONVO ME [via her Etsy shop] !! I know MANY seed bead artists, the street team I am in is quite diverse, and I can probably help you find what you are looking for!!"

Be sure to visit her Etsy shop and take a look around! 

Custom? Yes!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Watching and reading...

Currently watching: 

Smilla's Sense of Snow--I highly recommend this movie. It's serious, thought-provoking, sad, unique.

Grand Hotel

Gilmore Girls

Brothers and Sisters, Season 1

Yes, it's an eclectic selection, my Netflix queue.

Man's Search for Meaning--I've been meaning to read this forever.

I'm making some prints of my collages to list in my Etsy shop soon. Yay!