Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Leaf-Blower Ban, Please!

Can somebody please make leaf-blowers illegal in Minnesota?
They are hideous, noisy, and they use tons of energy. And it's everybody's energy, people!
I think they are already illegal in L.A.... or maybe I am thinking about how it is illegal to hose down your driveway (also drives me nuts!) there. 
Please, pick up a rake, my friends! 
Thanks in advance!


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jessica said...

Heheh, yeah I've never really understood that hosing your driveway practice. I had an across the street neighbor once that took a leaf blower to the gutter in front of his yard...not even his yard, but the STREET'S GUTTER. Every time he did it, I wanted to throw things (at him, or just inside my own apartment).