Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Facts

Hello, friends. I've been having fun with the free labelmaker the kind folks at Acme Labelmaker have created. The mini-banner above is Dot Matrix with an orange background. 

Today's post is all about random facts! In random order, too!

1. I saw someone riding a unicycle today. Fun! How do they get on and off those things, anyway?

2. Jenna, Chelsey, and I, along with three other friends, are working on a very fun project--more details to come! That's all I can say at this time! Ooooh, mysterious!

3. In my always-random Netflix queue: 
Gnomemobile (vintage Disneyana, yes!)
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
The Fugitive
Notorious (although, I just can't seem to get into that movie!)
Bewitched, Season 4, Disc 2...

and many more! Have a great day! Netflix recommendations welcome, as always. 


Chelsey said...

To get off you do a controlled fall forward. I don't remember how you start. I had a friend in high school whose brother would unicycle everywhere.

Anonymous said...