Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My mouse door arrived!

Awww! So cute! The mouse door I ordered from Cedarwool arrived today! Isn't it so sweet? It's an original design by Cedarwool.etsy.com, and I absolutely love it. I always used to love how in cartoons, mice had their own little door leading to their little mouse abode. Now I have one! 

I also ordered some wool roving from Cedarwool. They have their very own farm in Maryland and so the wool I received came right from the sheep! Isn't that cool? In her Etsy profile, Leslie explains, "Our farm is located in northern Maryland. We raise mostly Romney and Border Leicester, some crosses with Australian Bond and a Merino (he's blue !)." Lesli sent me an extremely generous amount of wool for the price I paid! They are gorgeous colors, too: pink, brown, and white--Neopolitan! I'm definitely inspired to do some needlefelting. Be sure to check out Cedarwool's Etsy shop--she offers knitting needles, gorgeous knit felt hats, and homespun yarn in addition to the so-sweet mouse doors. Thanks, Leslie! 

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