Monday, April 14, 2008

Go see this play!

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of seeing Stitch, Bitch n' Die! in Minneapolis with Artistic EditionDanger Kitty, and Corbie. Fun!!! It was an amazingly original idea--a knitting murder-mystery-- and a fantastic performance! Written by Joseph Scrimshaw and directed by Craig Johnson, this play had us laughing non-stop! My favorite part was its "craft-literate" writing (like the agony of "frogging" your knitting project), which was right on!!!

The show starred Kevin McLaughlin, Valerie Rigsbee, Laura Salveson, Jen Scott and Joseph Scrimshaw (in a double role). Ingenious writing and a wonderful cast with great energy. It's showing for two more weeks at the The Bryant-Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater in Minneapolis.

The advertisement said it was "B.Y.O.K."--"Bring Your Own Knitting"--so I did bring some needlefelting to work on, but it was pretty dark in the theatre. No problem, though: concentrating on a project would have detracted from my enjoyment of the performance--and possibly dangerous (think sharp, barbed needles) besides! I'd recommend bringing actual knitting that you can do without looking at it too much. Now I just have to learn how to really knit! 

Now I want to see Scrimshaw's Adventures in Mating!

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