Monday, March 10, 2008

Featured Artist: SockMonkey Cards!

I absolutely love the cards at! They are sooo cute and clever! 
Laurie of Sock Monkey Cards kindly took time to answer my questions about her awesome sock monkey photography! 

CreativeSundries: How did you get started making sock monkey cards? 
Laurie: I've been involved in photography for the past 15 years. About seven years ago I took a B&W photo of my sister's three sock monkeys. This photo became very popular, and I decided (since we live 3000 miles apart) that I must have my own sock monkeys. I gradually adopted several, and started photographing them in different scenes. My business has been building, and I have a blast coming up with new ideas for cards. My husband and I are currently working on a book that we hope will be available in the not too distant future.

CreativeSundries: Who makes the sock monkeys?
I have adopted all my sock monkeys from various sources- some directly from the person who made them, others from auctions. They all have names and personalities. Some come to stay for a short time, while others have been here from the beginning.... my husband doesn't want them taking over the house... most of the time we have around 10, plus 3 little ones. They all get along really well for the most part!

CreativeSundries: How do you get ideas for new scenes for your cards?
Ideas for new scenes come from so many places... things I enjoy or have enjoyed at various times of my life.. playing the piano, going to the beach, building a snowman... riding a tricycle....going on a picnic. My snow angel idea came to me when my husband and I were cross-country skiing after a beautiful snow- it just hit me and I said we had to set up the tall ladder when we got home. So we did and the sock monkeys had a blast making snow angels. Now and then I'll get an idea from a customer- and it's fun to try to create scenes they have in mind. I still am working on some of those- a few are a bit challenging, but hopefully I'll be able to pull them off!
CreativeSundries: How do you like being on Etsy?
WOW!!! What a wonderful incredible site! I saw an interview the other day on Martha Stewart with the founder of Etsy, Rob Kalin. What an outstanding person Rob is, and what he has given to so many creative people all over the world is such an amazing gift! The interview was really interesting, as I didn't really know Etsy's background. What an upbeat and genuine guy- Rob truly has changed the lives of many many people. I love reading the stories of Etsy's members, and seeing the unique and awesome things these people create. I actually stumbled on to the site last April by accident- and I feel so fortunate to be a part of it all. I can't say enough about both the sellers and the buyers!!!

CreativeSundries: Anything else you'd like to add? 
I want to let people know that I also have some limited edition photographic prints, size 16 x 20. I am only having 25 printed of each image. They are numbered and signed on the white border of the print. Currently the ones I am offering are "Socks on the Beach", "Snow Angels", "Six on a Sled", and "Picnic at the Beach". If these are successful I will be adding more. They have been shown in two galleries, and were well received. 

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Congratulations on your continued success, Laurie! Visit to see more of Laurie's cute designs and share in the sock monkey love! 

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