Friday, February 8, 2008

Featured Artist: Cheryl of On A Thousand Hills

OnAThousandHills is a delightful Etsy shop featuring delightful beaded wonders. The necklace pictured above is called Break Forth. Cheryl, the artist behind OnAThousandHills, explains that for this piece, she started out with a porcelain cabochon featuring a beautiful butterfly, and stitched a bezel around it in peyote stitch. She made the necklace using a "tubular Ndbele herringbone stitch." Wow! 

Cheryl is a member of Etsy Beadweavers, and invites you to vote for the Etsy Bead Weavers challenge. See her shop for more info! 
This suncatcher (above) is an item she made as a gift--how lucky that recipient is! 

Cheryl's work is so intricate. She stitched the gorgeous Sleeping Gypsy wall hanging (below) one bead at a time! She explains, "This wall hanging took me over 100 hours for the tapestry portion alone." The piece incorporates 28,968 Delica seed beads in 50 colors, plus about 3,000 more beads in the fringe! 

Sleeping Gypsy Bead Tapestry Wall Hanging

A few more facts about this talented bead artist: 

1. Cheryl loves backpacking and would love to hike the Appalachian Trail!
2. She is mom to two teenagers and wife to a trucker.
3. She took 4 years of Clothing Shop at a vocational high school.
4. She discovered beading "in a serious way" about five years ago.
I hope you make it to the Appalachian Trail soon, Cheryl--and don't forget your beads! 



On A Thousand Hills said...

Thanks so much for the great feature, Sarah. :)

creativesundries said...

You're very welcome! I love your work! :-)