Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Featured Artist: Aoisart Foodcraft!

Aoisart is one of my favorite, favorite Etsy shops of all time.
Kia's miniatures are so sweet and scrumptious, they look good enough to eat! I love how she shows the side of the cake slices. In miniatures, it is absolutely the details that make the art--and the creator of Aoisart doesn't cut any corners!
And all of her original foodcraft designs are made from scratch. Isn't that awesome? Not surprisingly, she's even made it to the front page of Etsy! (Congrats, Kia!)
Meet Orangina (pictured below), a sweet and unique orange charm that I purchased from Aoisart. She came on a cute matching orange ball-chain and is even cuter in person than in this photograph! Don't you love the realistic dimpled peel texture?

Kia generously took time out from creating to answer some of my questions about her work.

CreativeSundries: Yours are the original cake earrings! You've said that the idea came to you when you were making a miniature cake for a dollhouse. Can you tell us more about that?

Aoisart: What you see in my Etsy shop is the result of my passion for craft and food so this is the reason why I love to create food miniatures and anything food related :) I started creating dollhouse miniatures and the food I loved to create most were cakes, with chocolate, whipped cream, fruits, you name it! I wanted to use them for something more than just dollhouse display so I initially started putting a magnet on their back.
The idea of the charms and earrings came after cutting a slice from a whole mini cake, I realized that I would have loved to show that cute mini slice wearing it! Since it seemed that nobody was seling cake slice earrings I started my own line and started selling them from internet. I feel honored that so many people are wearing my creations now and that other artists started creating their own versions :)

CreativeSundries: Your work is so intricate and detailed! I really admire your patience. Do you find your work challenging?

Aoisart: Thank you very much. There is indeed a lot of patience involved in my miniatures but creating them it's something that really relaxes me, something that I look forward to work on when I am stressed out or I need to have a break. It became almost a zen practice for me! Nothing is challenging at least not from a negative point of view...I have got challenging custom orders in the past and I always loved to sit and try to create what the customers were expecting from me...till now it seems I met their expectations :)

CreativeSundries: What, if any, are your favorite item(s) to make?

Aoisart: Well, I always make what I love but if I might pick something I love to make above all my creations...the cake slice earrings! I can start for a bare and simple undecorated cake and let my fantasy work and create many different versions of it, using different colors or decorative elements.

CreativeSundries: How have your work and shop evolved since you've started on Etsy?
AoisArt: I initially was selling my polymer creations only but as I perfectioned my clay skills I felt the need to use also different materials like...felt! Sewing by hand is another "zen practice" for me :) I try to keep my shop focused on the food subject but sometimes I create non-food related items as well and use other materials than polymer.
CreativeSundries: How have you liked being on Etsy?

AoisArt: Etsy gave me a great opportunity to share my food and craft passion with other people, customers and fellow artists. I like to say that in Etsy are showcased the results of all my "crafty zen practices"! and I am honored that something which makes me feel good makes feel other people happy as well!

Be sure to stop by AoisArt on Etsy and to see more of AoisArt Foodcraft!

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