Friday, December 21, 2007

Look at Zhen Zhen, Baby Panda of My Heart!

Zhen Zhen ("precious" in Chinese) at the San Diego Zoo
is growing and growing! She drives us crazy with her cuteness, as witnessed on the Panda Cam:

We remember when she was born--no bigger than a mouse--and now she's walking and doing Pilates and even bringing bamboo up to her mouth!
Sometimes in her walking attempts she ends up rolling, but that's no problem. She always gets where she wants to go eventually.
We have no pictures to show because the P.R. dep't hasn't gotten back to us on our request, but that's ok--they must receive so many requests to use their pictures and can't respond to them all. We just love this little girl!

Please visit the Panda Cam today!


Megan said...

What a darling!

creativesundries said...

Isn't she?? We hope to go to San Diego soon and see her in person! :-)
Thanks for your comment!