Sunday, December 9, 2007

Featured Artist: Susan of CSerpent Designs

Today we're chatting with Susan of CSerpent Designs,, whose Etsy shop features beautiful handmade artisan jewelry. Her work ranges from bracelets to wire-wrapped designs to embellished bookmarks!

CreativeSundries: What do you enjoy most about your jewelry making?

Susan: What I enjoy most is when the beads speak to me! When that happens I can make a design in a flash! When they aren't talking I have to gather various beads/color together, play around with them until I figure out a design. The beads come up with much quicker ideas than I do - lol!

CreativeSundries: Do you have any items that are your favorites to make?

Susan: Hmm - favorites?? I think the wire-wrapped dangle bracelets - LOTS of charm wire-wrapped on and all the beads wirewrapped together. They take a lot of time but look sooooo luscious and have such a bling factor!

Creative Sundries: What is most challenging in your work?

Susan: What is most challenging is trying to make something different! Anyone can string beads -- but to combine them in unique and interesting ways is the challenge. I actually learn a lot from my mom. She doesn't make jewelry much but when she does she comes up with interesting combos that look good!

CreativeSundries: Oh, great! We love mother-daughter teams! What are your future plans for your work?

Susan: My future plans are to start doing more wirework. I had a great time hammering out a copper bookmark! I've got tools and tumbler on my Christmas list so hopefully Santa will be good to me - lol! And I've got some gorgeous lustre beads on order (they have a metallic sheen) so I'll be making some great designs with those as well.

Susan of CSerpent Designs is a member of several Etsy street teams: I'm a member of CCCOE (California Crafters Club on Etsy), JET (Jewelry on Etsy), etsyBEAD (bead lovers of all sorts), BeadHive (started on Ebay and has now joined Etsy a group of jewelry artisans who all use high quality components to create artisan quality jewelry) and TBO (Tranquil Beading Oasis). In her profile, she explains, "these groups we share ideas, provide support to one other, teach and learn all in the name of continuing are respective handmade crafts."

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cserpentDesigns said...

Thanks Sarah! And speaking of mother-daughter teams - my mom is even making designs that go into my shop! They'll be marked as from Bead Babe (that's what my hubby calls my mom when we're beading - LOL!). Since she keeps buying beads I told her she has to start making some things with them because I'm running out of room to store them!

Charlie said...

nice interview- good feature!