Monday, November 26, 2007

It's the story...

of a lovely lady... who was bringing up three very lovely girls...

Do you know the rest of the song? We do!

I am a true Brady Bunch aficionado and have seen every episode except for ones that I can only imagine are lost episodes. I'll have to look in my Brady trivia book and list those episodes here, and see if anyone has seen them!

I had so much fun putting together this Brady Bunch in Hawaii necklace.

The hula dancer is a tribute to Alice: "It's my hula, Mrs. Brady. My 'hu' went one way, and my 'la' went the other.'" Right!

As you probably remember, Mike was sent to check out construction on a site in Hawaii. Of course, his boss sends not only Mike but his wife, all the kids, and underpaid-but-loyal housekeeper Alice to the Hawaiian Islands.

Bobby and Peter discover a tiki, which they find is cursed. It causes all sorts of problems--and they decide to try to return the tiki to its rightful destination, in a burial cave. What happens? You have to watch the show (a multi-episode adventure) to find out!

So which is your favorite episode?


Felicia said...

That was an excellent episode and one of the few two parters if I recall correctly.

I loved so many of them that its hard to pick just one! But this weekend I was just talking with someone about the episode where Marcia tries to join the boy scouts and turns down the offer to join even after going through all that initiation junk. Good for her!

Your necklace is awesome!

Kellybot said...

This bracelet is awesome! Yes, that is a classic episode for sure.

Kellybot said...

I don't read good ;-)! It's a necklace, silly.

creativesundries said...

Wow, thanks so much for the awesome comments! :-)