Monday, November 12, 2007

Featured Artist: KreativeMindz

KreativeMindz is a shop for, as owner Aly puts it, "Handcrafted Goodness of all Kyndz." She runs the shop along with Beau, her husband and business partner. Their shop features handcrafted keepsake boxes (pictured below), awesome hair wraps, and other one-of-a-kind works of art.
Aly took some time to talk with us about their shop.

Creative Sundries: Which, if any, are your favorite item to make?

KreativeMindz: I think the goddess wraps, just b/c they are so pretty and I love the way they look. I enjoy shopping for fabric for them the most! Beau likes to make the wooden boxes.

Creative Sundries: What is most challenging about your work, or about having your Etsy shop?

KreativeMindz: Well this is a HUGE passion of mine. I really put my heart and soul into each and every item I make. So I guess the most challenging part is managing my time, so I don't neglect my family, home and gardens. :D

Creative Sundries: What are future plans for your Etsy shop; what might people see coming up in your collection?

KreativeMindz: We are hoping to continue adding to our collection. There should be more wooden items coming soon, along with possibly wooden toys. Also canvas shopping bags, more clothing, and hopefully some more fabric art. My mind is always the ideas are constantly flowing through.


Be sure to take time to visit the KreativeMindz Etsy shop. You'll find gorgeous handmade items like this handcrafted Douglas Fir Keepsake Box (above). Isn't it beautiful? This, like many of their works, was a collaboration, with Beau on woodworking and Aly on embroidery. Aly explains that the exterior of the box has been finished with a fruit wood oil.
The piece at the top of this post is The Autumn Harvest, a one-of-a-kind art piece that incorporates organic cottons, batik cottons, hand dyed canvas and a piece of vintage upholstery fabric and embroidery thread. It is framed by a stained poplar frame, made by Beau.

And a visit to KreativeMindz would be incomplete without perusing their selection of Goddess Hair Wraps™--they are made of beautiful material--like this flower mesh--Aly explains that their trademark goddess wraps are so named because "that is the way you will feel when your hair is all wrapped up in a beautiful fabric! (Atleast that is how we feel!) Plus it keeps your hair up and out of the way, and is stylish too!Whether you have short thin hair or big phat locks, this wrap is so versitile anyone could wear it!"

Be sure to visit KreativeMindz on Etsy and check out their blog,

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WOW! What a wonderful feature!!! We are truly flattered...thank you so much! :D