Thursday, November 1, 2007

Featured Artist: Cryztalvisions

Today we are visiting with Beth of Cryztalvisions, whose Etsy shop of the same name just opened in October. Cryztalvisions features handmade jewelry, all of which is one-of-a-kind (or OOAK, in EtsySpeak).

Cryztalvisions has been designing jewelry for over 20 years! I love this gorgeous dragonfly pendant, Handcrafted Silver Dragonfly Pendant "Believe", which Cryztal explains is a fine silver (.999) pendant handmade from scratch, gently oxidized and finished with a rainbow patina.

You might be wondering why she spells "Cryztal" with a "Z." She explains, in her Etsy shop announcement, that "It's an homage to one of my wonderful teachers who pronounced crystals: 'creezzztals.'" Sweet!

Here, Cryztalvisions answers some of our questions about her work.

Creative Sundries: First of all, you live in California. Was your home or city affected by the recent southern CA fires?

Cryztalvisions: I'm in the south Bay area of San Francisco up in the Santa Cruz mountains so we are located quite a distance from the fires.

Creative Sundries: You work a lot with crystals. Do you have favorite crystals or materials?

Cryztalvisions: Some of my favorite stones and crystals to work with are: amethyst, labradorite, rainbow moonstone, and pietersite. I also love discovering and using stones that are rarely seen in jewelry designs.

Creative Sundries: What are some of the challenges in your artwork?

Cryztalvisions: I like to challenge myself by trying new processes and also pushing the boundaries of the materials I use. Sometimes I wind up with a "failure", but I always learn a great deal by trying what hasn't been tried before.

Creative Sundries: Cool. What do you enjoy about Etsy?

Cryztalvisions: The sense of community and the focus on arts handcrafted items.

Made to Order Silver Prosperity Ring. From the item description: "Handcrafted of Fine Silver (99.9% silver) Wide Band Ring with the Japanese Kanji of Prosperity & Good Fortune. The wide band features a beautiful and delicate feather-like texture. The band is approximately 3/8" wide. Each ring is hand polished and a patina is added to bring out the texture and accentuate the Kanji symbol. The kanji symbol fuku, which means fortune and well-being, is the image of a stone jar filled with food or wine. This feeling is familiar to all of us. When plenty of wine and food is stored we feel comfort and have confidence in the future.I suggest wearing the symbol upside down which signifies 'good fortune has arrived.'"

Cryztal says, "This Fine Silver Handcrafted Tree of Life Pendant [above] is the first in my new "Tree of Life" series. This pendant in lovingly handcrafted of over 12 grams of pure (99.9%) silver. I added a light patina to the silver to accentuate the twisting, swirling branches and spiraling roots of the tree. High in the tree top sits a silvery dichroic glass cabochon adding just the right amount of sparkle and light. The tree is hand drawn free form using precious metal clay from a syringe, so each tree is unique."


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Thank you for the fabulous feature!

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this is a really great blog! lots of good info on the sellers!

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