Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Featured Artist: Amanda of Ulixis Crafts

Ulixis is a fun and funky Etsy shop featuring handcrafted items ranging from jewelry to notebooks and everything in between. My favorites are the button bracelets, shown here. They are so cute!!

Amanda, the talent behind Ulixis, took time out from her studying--she's a full-time college student in Ontario--to answer a few questions for us.

Creative Sundries: How did you come up with your Etsy shop name?

Amanda: I stole it! ... from my boyfriend. He came up with the name as a computer type business, but then he got a job and wasn't really doing anything with it. So I took it because it sounds cool. :P

Creative Sundries: I love your button jewelry! How did you start working with buttons? It's very cool!

Amanda: I was inspired by a friend (pinkkiwi.etsy.com) who made a necklace with buttons. I love buttons, they're so bright and colourful, so I decided to make myself a bracelet (my favourite piece of jewelry). It's as much fun collecting the buttons as it is making the bracelets!

Creative Sundries: I read in one of your bracelet descriptions that you solder your own jump rings! Wow! How did you get started in that?

Amanda: Heehee.. ok, I confess, more contributions from my boyfriend, Pat. He's a computer geek and learned to solder chip/boards or whatever :P .. so I tried to get him to show me how, but it requires 3 hands and he's gotten quite good at it!

Creative Sundries: Do you have any items to make that are your favorite?

Amanda: My Tiptoe Through the Tulips bracelet is one of my favourites. I spent a lot of time on it, and I think it turned out really well. The colours are gorgeous! I also love the colours in my Heather button bracelet and matching earrings ~ so pretty!

Creative Sundries: What inspires you?

Amanda: I get a lot of inspiration from my family, Pat, friends (jellybeans.etsy.com - same friend as above) and also from random things around me, like the clouds, the play of light in the leaves, candy wrappers.

Creative Sundries: Cool. What are your plans for your upcoming Web site?

Amanda: I wanted it to be a place to organize all of my crafty and online activities: my blog, my shop, other art I do and pictures I take, etc... But I've been way to busy to work on it. Once my thesis is written and defense over with, then hopefully I'll find some time...

~ * Visit Ulixis on Etsy, and check out the Ulixis Crafts blog, ulixis.blogspot.com.

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