Thursday, October 18, 2007

Featured Artist: Wanderlust & Pixie Dust

Isn't that a fun shop name? Wanderlust & Pixie Dust offers vintage and altered art supplies as well as handmade jewelry.

I love the orange and black in the Halloween Take Out Embellishments and Trim, pictured at top, right, and at

Another item I love from her shop is these Handmade Earrings Blue and Copper, pictured here (above) and in her shop at The earrings were made using copper findings and wire, blue glass beads and real, clear Swarovski crystals.

When I asked Val what her favorite type of ephemera is, she responded, "Hard to say. I love any type of paper that immediately takes you back to another place in time. I'm also a real sucker for all things girly and dainty. Oh and melodrama. Can't forget the drama! I especially love corny, overwrought, melodramatic images as well. Fainting women, eyes gazing heavenly, swooning couples...that sort of thing."

Wanderlust & Pixie Dust also offers gorgeous glitter in a variety of colors: I loooove glitter!

I asked Val if she had any words of advice for the "glitter everywhere" situation one encounters when working with the glimmery stuff, or whether it was just another work-related crafting hazard. She said, "Personally I find that glitter everywhere is pretty much a work-related hazard. After playing with "normal" glitter I usually just throw caution to the wind and spend the rest of the day covered from head to toe in it. Glass glitter is much easier to manipulate (it will still sometimes generate electricity when in a plactic bag for exmple) and to pour back into a container. It does have a tendency to "bounce" however, so you must take extra care to clean it up afterwards. You can't just leave it glis! tening all over your floor, even if you like the effect, if you have a house full of little poms like I do!!"

Val welcomes comments and inquiries about her Etsy shop,


Giftbearer said...

Very good feature story! I liked reading about her choice of Ephemera and why she chose those things.

creativesundries said...

Thank you, Pippit! :-)