Saturday, October 13, 2007

Featured Artist: My Fairy Babies

Cute and more cute! Today we are featuring My Fairy Babies, the work of Hyla Waldron. Hyla's Etsy shop,, has handmade fairy dolls, such as Lolly--Sweet Tooth Fairy, pictured above (top photo, second from the left).
With all of the toy recalls going on lately, it makes a lot of sense to buy handmade toys for your child. My Fairy Babies is just the place for handmade items for children. The sweet fairy in blue pictured above is named Ariella, and she is a Seaside Fairy. "She enjoys diving from waterfalls, scuba diving, collecting sea glass and seashells. You can usually find her hanging around near a body of water frolicking with the mermaids!"

My Fairy Babies' work is also featured on:

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