Friday, October 19, 2007

Featured Artist: Kala

Karen is a mixed media artist from Cambridge, England. Her Etsy shop,, features her handmade scrapbooks, original collage, and beautiful stationery, photography, and other gifts such as lightcatchers. She also specializes in gifts and accessories for weddings and christenings. Karen says, "I also love collage, illustration and textiles so you will find a bit of everything here!"

She creates a variety of items, including "bespoke" orders.
"Bespoke." Don't you love British English? It means a custom order, by the way. :-)

Her handmade scrapbooks are beautiful!

I love her bookmaking techniques. She says, "I've been interested in books and bookmaking for as long as I can remember but I didn't start making them properly until I started my business making bespoke wedding stationery back in 2000 and found that my customers were often asking for albums to match. It is very time consuming but very satisfying to hold a finished book in your hands."

I really like the Halloween cards in her shop (pictured here). Aren't they cool? When I asked Karen about Halloween in England, she responded, "Halloween has been celebrated in the UK certainly since I was a child but on a very small scale compared to the US. Trick or treating is not encouraged, especially for the little ones and is actually banned in some towns! But we do hold private fancy dress parties at home and we always put pumpkins in the windows - those cards are photos of the ones we cut last year!

Contact Karen for more information about custom (bespoke) designs. Kala items ship free within the U.K. and for very reasonable rates worldwide.


Becki said...

Great Feature! Great Etsian!

~Stella said...

Beautiful scrapbooks! I second what she says about holding a finished book in your hands.

Cute blog! Lovely pictures!