Monday, October 15, 2007

Featured Artist Joanne of CoconutPalmDesigns

Today's featured artist is Joanne of CoconutPalmDesigns.

CoconutPalmDesigns' Etsy shop,, features handmade household decorations, signs, and ACEOs.

I love the tropical atmosphere of her original drawing Orange Wildflower ACEO, featured above and at

Another of my favorites from her current collection is the Red Rose ACEO, pictured second from the top, above, and at This piece was drawn on watercolor paper and colored with pencil crayons.

Joanne offers custom-made signs, made especially for each customer.

Fun fact: Joanne is a Canadian, currently living in Belize. Of the change in atmosphere, she says, "I think living in Belize is an acquired taste." She is making the most of it and explains that "it's a country rich in terms of history and adventure. There are lots of Mayan ruins to visit, jungles to explore and scuba diving and snorkeling to participate in." Sounds awesome! However, she adeds that, "like most places these tend to be tourist oriented activities that you only participate in now and then."

Joanne will shortly be adding other types of signs, various other paintings and illustrations to her Etsy shop, so stay tuned.


ALilSumptinSumptin said...

Heheheh, I googled pictures of Belize and saw all the touristy pictures and went "Wow! Lucky woman!" Great job on these posts! Keep it up! :o)

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Thanks so much for the feature. It looks great!

creativesundries said...

Thank you both so much! :-) Sarah